Celebrating World Diabetes Day

Today was World Diabetes Day and it completely kicked my ass. I woke up at 5:45am with a blood sugar of 448. I took a bajillion units of insulin, drank some water and crawled back into bed trying not to puke. It was with hope I checked it again 2 hours later only to find it was still 323. So I replaced my infusion set and waited. After an hour or so it was down to 240, but I was ready for some breakfast. I ate my usual expecting all this to just sort itself out. No such luck. When I checked again at noon it was still at 322. Sigh.

I was hopeful when it worked its way down to 135. That turned into a sweaty, queasy 45 by 2:30. And after eating a bowl of cereal for lunch and to fix my sugar, I thought we could put all this behind me. Nope. By 4pm it was back up to 343.

I'm happy to report that my blood sugar is currently 111. Let's think of that as a lucky number and see if it holds.

And the annoying thing is I have no idea why it's been so high. It's just like my body wanted to remind me I was diabetic today so I wouldn't let the day go by like any other.

I must admit, though, it made me not think so much about my stiff wrist. It's all relative.