Oof what a day

Long day. Good day, but I'm flat out exhausted. Woke up at 7, had breakfast at Panera, went to Sports Authority when they opened at 9, CostCo when they opened at 9:30 and the Dump furniture store when they opened at 10. Bought dining room table and chairs. Stopped at Target and got small table for my sewing machine. Left to try to get Rich a haircut, decided on takeout Subway.

Took the boy home for his nap. Filled back of the minivan with clothes and sundries for the thrift store. Assembled sewing table, folded tons of laundry, put away groceries, fed boy lunch.

Went to get hair colored and cut, left to have dinner with CurKat. Returned home, had bath then read books then put the boy to bed while Rich installed shelves over the changing table. Tried to work on another pair of pants for Ian but my wrist is really sore.

Going back to the living room to watch Rich play Fable III and ice my wrist.