not a single hand-stitch to be found

It is nice to go to the sewing shop and when they ask what you're making to not have to explain 400 years of medieval fashion. I just told the sales guy I was making pants for my toddler son and he nodded knowingly, pointing to the appropriate kind of elastic to use. I left with six yards of elastic and a plan to make some pants this evening. Yeah, my wrist still hurts but dangit I wanted to sew something, something simple, something where I didn't have to draft a pattern first but could just copy something I'd bought and put it all together.

I used a serger on all the seams. I put elastic in the waistband and I machine hemmed everything. It sort of felt like cheating.

But an hour after dinner, I have dino pants!

Dino pants!

Of course my little dino is asleep so we'll have to wait until tomorrow to see how they fit. Now if I can just convince the cats that they don't need to snuggle all around the iron. Time to go ice my wrist.