medical advice

I went to the chiropractor today to have him look at my wrist. I did something to it last month and I've been studiously ignoring it for all that time, yet it refuses to get better. For all my father's love of chiropractors and Rich having gone to several, this was my first visit. I've never had a reason to go until now. I liked this guy; he was very reasonable. But in the end, he didn't have any quick fix for me.

We talked about my impressively heavy child, my habit for ignoring things that hurt and the demands of being a parent. So as he told me that I need to work on "behavior modification" to let my wrist heal, I asked him if he had ever watched Hee Haw.

Because I just went to a doctor saying, "doc, it's hurts when I do this." and he retorted, "well, then don't do that!"