Great Day

Today has been such a great day, I feel I need to write it down for the record. Rich left with Travis for an SCA event at 7:30 this morning, leaving Ian and I on our own. I lounged in bed reading the Internet on the iPad while Ian slept until 9am!

We rallied for breakfast at home (he had banana and veggie rice biscuit thingies, I had yogurt and oatmeal) and then after a quick diaper change (where I felt so smart because I knew a poop was coming so I left him in a disposable for breakfast) we headed out to a local yard sale.

The yard sale happens twice a year and they have tons of clothes. I picked up two stuffed grocery bags of clothes for Ian for $20 in under an hour and we were back home in time for some playing and then lunch.

I sauteed mushrooms and spinach for my sandwich wrap and Ian's a la carte lunch (the boy loves him some spinach and mushrooms) and we had a tasty lunch. Then it was time for a nap. We snuggled in the bed for a bit until he fell asleep around 12:30. I briefly pondered getting up to clean the house while he napped, but thought better of it and we both napped soundly until 2:45. That was awesome.

He woke up chatting and grinning and we headed downstairs for a snack. Yo baby yogurt (love that stuff!) was had and then Mom called. We took the dog out for a long walk that ended at my parents' house. Ian entertained them for several hours while we watched a fascinating documentary on moonshine. My father laughed and smiled huge smiles and took Ian down to show him off to the neighbors. He commented several times about how we could sell tickets to spend time with him.

Then it was time to head back home. We regrouped, got a fresh diaper and headed out to Panera for dinner. I swear I could eat there every day for all meals. My favorite cashier Ashley was there and we chatted about the baby. He finished all his chicken, mushrooms, spinach and carrots as well as a good chunk of my broccoli cheddar soup while I indulged in my french toast bagel (they make those with cinnamon and crack, I'm convinced). Then it was a quick stop at the drive thru pharmacy so they'll stop calling me about my prescription every day and home for a bath.

Bath time is one of my favorite things these days, as is Ian's. I start the water running and he stands at the edge of the tub hooting with joy and desperately lifting one leg to try to crawl in. We both climbed in and played with the frat cups of water (best bath toy ever!) Then we had our typical nursing in the tub time where he looks up and notices there are boobs in the tub too! This bath just gets better and better! So he nursed while I poured frat cups of water over him to keep him warm and he giggled as the water tickled his belly.

After bath time it's typically time for extended naked nursing. I don't even try to put a diaper on him because he just gets impatient that there are boobs RIGHT THERE and why aren't we nursing instead of messing with all this diaper nonsense! So we curled up in the bed while he was still wrapped in a towel (just in case) and snuggled and nursed until he got sleepy. Then he rolled over, sighed and fell asleep. I waited a few minutes to make sure he was really out and then put his bed time diaper on him (we use disposables for overnight and cloth during the day).

And now it's not even 9pm and since I had a great big nap today I feel energized to get some stuff done. There's laundry going and I might even break out the sewing machine in a bit. But first I might try a bit of yoga to round out such a fine day.

I know all this may seem pretty mundane but it was just so incredibly stress-free and joyful and pleasant I feel like I need to write it down so I can go back and read it when I'm having a crappy day. I missed seeing our friends, but today is exactly what I was needing to recharge from the week.

Hope you're all having a restful weekend too!