Just a few things

Things that irritate me right now: - I hate all of my underwear. None of it fits right anymore which makes me think my ass got bigger but only so that my undies don't fit but my pants do. My knickers are literally twisted. I shopped for new undies but refuse to pay top dollar for them. Please send underwear testimonials stat.

Things that please me these days:

- Ms. Kitty is sleeping in the bed with us again every night. I do love that cat even though she's surly to pretty much everyone else.

- Holy crap the weather this weekend! I just wanted to be outside all the time!

- I've been more adventurous in the kitchen lately. I'm also going to make a cookbook on how to cook ridiculously small portions of food for your baby (e.g. three baby carrots).

- The way the Hispanic day care ladies pronounce couscous (see above). Absolute riot.

- My hair is exactly the color and style I wanted and one third the price since I switched to my new stylist.

- I've caught up on my feed reader. It may have involved a lot of skimming but I'm caught up and that feels good.

- Rich and I went to see Scott Pilgrim on Sunday and then had lunch where we didn't have to feed or entertain a baby. Ian was also a perfect child for my parents while we were gone.

- We've been watching a lot of Jeeves and Wooster together and it's a good combo of campy shenanigans and clever dialogue.

- Ian is over the virus whatever he had last week and back to nursing with gusto. He's pawing at my shirt saying "nananana" and I'm pleased as punch. I'd missed him.