Recap of Living Out Loud volume 20: You won't read this anywhere ...

I nearly called this month's theme "No Sex in the Champagne Room" after Chris Rock's song. But I'll just link to the YouTube video and let you enjoy that on your own time. Grace's You won't read this anywhere ... #5 made me laugh out loud. And I had to look up what za'tar was. So I think some new food experiments are in my future.

Rachel's Aunt Rachel. I admit to feeling in awe of your dedication to writing monthly. I suck at mailing letters. I'm lucky if I can mail the occasional bill that's not able to be paid electronically.

Candice's To My Dear Apartment Ugh, the bottle washing! I sort of embraced it like a therapeutic time to just zen out and scrub baby bottles.

SuziCate's When The Tables Turn I'd say the ability of someone to handle camping says a lot about their tenacity in many things.

Peggy's Living by the Rules One of our neighbors used to make everyone go in the basement when there was a thunderstorm! My brother would go over to play and if it started thundering he'd get annoyed and walk home because he didn't want to sit in the basement.

Erin's Measure twice, cut once I have a theory that there is a sewing muse and it's dangerous to try to sew if you don't feel her watching over you. I have sewing sleeves on upside down and dresses inside out without the muse's help.

Megan's The Tag on the Quilt I think the reading is my favorite one. I don't read enough. Then again I'm not sure if there is an "enough".

Ruth's Number your page from one to ten ... Wonderful list and many are ones I could have written myself. I'm impressed about the napkins (we always forget napkins and end up using paper towels in a pinch). And my father hates the "no problem" response too.

and my own Now I just need a megaphone ...

So many of these entries pleased me this month it was hard to pick a winner! And even better I feel like I learned a lot more about what makes some of you "tick". So that's always great. But I decided that Erin should win this month. For one thing, I'm a sucker for new participants and she jumped in with both feet. And with only one rule she gave a great example of something that frustrated her as well as fodder for personal folklore. I can imagine many future projects where someone would say "this isn't going to be like the t-shirt quilt is it?" At least that's how our family works.

So congrats, Erin, and welcome to the esteemed ranks of LOLers. It's a fun little project and we hope you stick around for future ones. Erin will receive a $25 gift certificate to Amazon as her prize.

Sometimes I let the "pressure" of LOL get to me. Picking a "good" topic, writing something and then doing the recap. But this month was super duper fun while still being a personal topic. Maybe it's residual joy from BlogHer, but I'm feeling pretty stoked about LOL and look forward to posting the theme for volume 21 very soon!