It's such a struggle!

While at our first conference, we were dealing with the various shenanigans of travel and co-worker Heather blurted out "it's such a struggle!" It was obviously part of her personal folklore and she explained that it's what her mother used to say all the time whenever anything got complicated. This last month has been complicated. Our pool has been various shades of green so that we haven't been able to fully enjoy it, we left for our most recent trip only to discover the load of laundry with all of Ian's clothes and my favorite pair of jeans had gone sour so we both stank and the car doesn't know it uses synthetic oil so has prematurely started screaming that it needs an oil change with lights all over the dash making us nearly miss the notification that we were completely out of gas.

And did I mention our son screams every hour on the hour at night?

But last night was better. He only woke up twice to nurse and these were real wakings and not the stiff-armed screams. The second time at 5:47am he crawled up on me and nursed then snuggled up with me all on his own. I was like one of those swim up bars in Jamaica. Then he looked over at Rich who has been the neglected parent lately and crawled over to him to wake him up and request to sleep on his chest. It was very heart-warming and much preferable to our previous nights of sleep.

I've also found that whenever things start to feel rough if I just blurt out "it's such a struggle!" in my best Heather's Mom Voice it really does make things feel better.