Recap of Living Out Loud volume 19: Tooting your own horn

I must admit I was a little proud to pick a topic that stumped a lot of people. But then again, if I stump everyone, it's hard to get a lot of folks to participate. So this month, we had only a few LOLers but I enjoyed reading them all.

Rachel's the Battle Scar So many people struggle with their bodies but it sounds like you've got the right idea that you're happy and alive.

Megan's A Woman Made of Words I would say you should be proud of your strength and your toughness. And your calves - you have great calves. :)

SuziCate's Not Exactly Musical But I'll Toot My Horn Anyway! I would totally be full of pride about that. You're a trent setter!

Ruth's Pride Part One I love your writing. But you don't need me to say that. You already know it!

and my own Stick with me and you'll be fine

It's interesting to me that it was so hard for folks to find something to brag about when it came to themselves. Perhaps this tells us something about the whole Living Out Loud project on a larger scale. It really is easier for us to bare our shortcomings online than it is to pat ourselves on the proverbial back. We should work on that.

So this month, I'm being all crazy and naming myself the winner. Even when I asked Rich last weekend what I should write about he said I should be proud of this Living Out Loud project. He blurted out "you could do an LOL about LOL! That's all meta and shit!" So indeed, while I wrote about the things I'm proud of about myself, I'm also very proud of this Living Out Loud project. But that means that in addition to taking pride in organizing it, I'm also very proud of all of you for participating.

Go us! We rock!