Protecting my blog from myself

Last night I was in kind of a crabby mood. Several little things at work had gotten on my Last. Goddamn. Nerve. and Ian was being kinda grouchy himself. So since there would be people doing Fight Club in our back yard that evening, I decided to stay inside with the boy and work on dinner and a few other things. Long story short, as we were eating dinner at 10pm that night, Rich told me "tomorrow you're going to take your laptop to Panera and write and I'll wrangle the boy." I made a face and said, "no, I'm going to invite a bunch of friends over to the backyard and we're all going to do some fun activity that you're not interested in until all hours of the night while the dog and baby whine at the back door to participate." And then I agreed to spend the evening at Panera.

Until this afternoon when I realized my blog was broken. My blog was broken, Ian's blog was broken, Rich's blog was broken and even my brother's experimental blog was broken. They were broken and I didn't know why and I didn't know how to fix them and how was I going to write anything with them all broken?!?!

While I wanted to call up my server host provider and be all "FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT!" I wasn't sure if I had caused it. I felt stupid and betrayed and angry and ... ugh!

But then I found the solution! And I fixed it all by myself! And then I went through all the blogs and changed the passwords for every user and updated the database passwords and my system admin password. (I may never be able to get into any of this stuff again since I won't remember any of these passwords but at least no one else will hopefully.)

Now to try updating my theme before BlogHer - I have a whole 10 days before I have to leave. What could go wrong?