Hush little baby: not your mother's lullabies

Amazingly our son went to sleep at 8:30 this evening, which is unheard of, so I've found myself with some free time to play on the computer. As I was sorting through songs to make a mix, Rich asked if a particular song was a cover. He swore I had made him a mix with the song on it but it was a woman singing. After a bit he laughed and realized that the only time he's heard the song is when I'm singing it to Ian and this was the first he'd heard of the original.

That inspired me to share some of the gems I've been digging up. These are all songs I use to sing babies to sleep. Very few are actual children's songs but most of them can be sung in a soothing manner.

Let me know which songs are your favorite or if you have other atypical lullabies in your own repertoire.

The first song, Trouble, is the song Rich didn't recognize. I've sung that to babies for almost a decade now. Babies can be "so fat their shoes don't fit on [their] feet" so I figure it's appropriate. Here's the list of songs below, but you can click on the link to listen to the complete mix.

Hush Little Baby

1. Trouble (Little Feat) 2. Bird On The Wire (Leonard Cohen) 3. Everybody's Missing the Sun (The Gourds) 4. House at Pooh Corner (Maria Sangiolo) 5. Hi-Lilli, Hi-Lo (Leslie Caron) 6. Tennessee Waltz (Hem) 7. Love At The Five And Dime (Nanci Griffith) 8. All Of Me (Willie Nelson) 9. Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What a Wonderful World (Israel Kamakawiwo'ole) 10. Love Will Come To You (Indigo Girls)