Recap of Living Out Loud volume 17: All in the family

Whew, another month has flown by and this one has been particularly busy for me (note the distinct lack of updates lately). But it's always good to see my gang of LOLers still pull through for me. These were all a joy to read! Rachel's The rascal's family I love that nickname, very clever. And it's amazing how history can repeat itself.

Peggy's It's All Relative I love looking at pictures of kids and comparing them to adults. My brother and I look almost identical, I think. I keep meaning to get baby pictures of me and Rich and our brothers to see who Ian favors.

Candice's Learning how to love and cry Ah, postpartum hormones. My parents have never been overly emotional until recently so we've never had to deal with "fuzzy screens" but I'm finding myself more empathetic to them every day now as a parent.

Ruth's Chew It Up Good There is a famous family recording of my yelling "LOOK WHAT HE BRANG ME!" on Christmas morning, and yet I still manage to command the English language now. :) And yeah, heredity can sometimes feel like a trap and other times like a warm blanket.

Megan's Too Much Fun? Not Mom I laughed about her collecting ex-boyfriends. I tend to collect Rich's ex-girlfriends so I can empathize. And now I want to hang out with your mom.

SuziCate's Does The Apple Really Fall That Far From The Tree? Wow your parents really do look alike. And my mother always used to hear how beautiful her sister was and how she had such a sweet personality. So yeah, we understand that whole ugly duckling thing.

Jessica's Family resemblance I'm fascinated how you and your sister look so different but I can see both of your parents in you, both temperament and features. As for Tommy, I have a hard time pinning any particular features to one or the other of you. He's a little potpourri of you both. :)

And my own Nurturing my nature

I found this topic to be really fun to read, if difficult to get started writing about. I attribute that to my own writers block of sorts these days, though. I love looking at pictures of people and many of you offered up a ton to peruse. I also love to see physical characteristics and personality traits grow in people.

This month I choose Candice as our winner. I admit to having a soft spot for her as a new mother and seeing how she's found a new quality in herself she didn't think was there really stuck with me. Candice will receive a $25 Amazon gift certificate as her prize, but you all receive my eternal thanks for playing along with me this month.

I'm already churning up an idea for our next theme (as well as several other blog posts that have been percolating) so stay tuned!