Recap of Living Out Loud volume 15: Prêt-à-porter

Ok, so I know that I say every month how I'm so pleased with the participants and everyone did great. I'm like that coach at the end of swim camp handing out trophies to everyone. But, no, really, this month was FANTASTIC for entries. Every single one was really great. They were all different and conveyed a wide variety of sentiments. I'm really impressed with everyone. Group hug!

Check them out!

Hrothny's Living Out Loud This totally rocks and completely counts for clothing. Never chopped liver, my dear, just the victim of my horrible organization, I neglected to include this entry at first. But it is a hallmark to me of your family's love.

Christina's Pret-a-porter This entry gave me goosebumps. I'm going to create some sort of gala for her to wear this dress to.

Rachel's (Tales of my Thirties) Worn I have a jean jacket in my closet that doesn't really fit me but my boyfriend bought me and I may never get rid of it. I wanted one so badly and his gift meant a lot.

Kathy's When In Doubt ... Throw It Out For such a regrettable shirt, I don't think I could get rid of it either. It was meant to be!

Jen's The ones that got away As someone who bought about 15 pairs of red shoes from Zappos looking for The Perfect Pair for our wedding, I can attest that finding good shoes, just like a good mate is hard.

Peg's Plain Brown "Wrapper" I've seen pictures of folks in those kinds of pants and I think it's definitely something to be proud of.

Kim's Esprit de Corps There is a part of Kim I will always think of in these clothes. But there are so many outfits now that fit my image of Kim that it's neat to hear about these.

Ruth's The Shirt Stays I was never a Grateful Dead kind of person, but I completely understand belonging to a tribe and something larger that just myself. I think it's what everyone wishes for.

Amy's What I would wear in a dream I can attest that making ones own clothing is really powerful. And my love of costuming through the SCA has been a great outlet for things I'd have no reason to wear in the 21st century.

SuziCate's Falling In Love With A Dress You need to take up quilting because there is a cornucopia of materials there! And I don't know that anyone else will ever wear my wedding dress, but I couldn't bear to part with it.

Megan's I offer you my hand in marriage and a pair of boots I admit I got all misty-eyed reading this. The acorn at the bottom really got to me, forsooth.

Karal's Laissez les bons temps rouler! I am amazed that someone offered you $50 for this, but good on your for keeping it. And I have an entire dresser drawer of shirts I never wear but can't part with!

And my own Remnants of love that didn't last

So after all those superb entries, picking just one to be our winner has been really hard. After much deliberation, I chose Christina as our winner this month. Her entry stuck with me for days after reading it and I figure that's the testament to a really great piece of writing. She'll receive a $20 Amazon gift card (as will several others as I'm way behind in my award follow-through) as her prize.

Sometime I think these recaps are a lot of work. But mostly, and in particular today, I'm just pleased I got so many folks to play along and produce such fine writing. It's a joy to read them all. Thank you all! And stay tuned for the next theme ...