Getting our busy kitty back

We weren't in the market for a third cat, but Tobias inserted himself into our lives.

co-sleeping kitty

That would be our bed at 2:30am. I woke up with a baby in one armpit and a cat in the other. Hypothetically I'm supposed to be able to fit back between them.

But this isn't about our co-sleeping habits. This is about our cat.

Last week, Tobias was feeling a little under the weather. We noticed because he wasn't his usual busy self but had spent an hour under the dining room table. This is not Tobias' style. His style is right smack dab in the middle of whatever you're doing. I have changed many a diaper with both the baby and the cat vying for space on the changing table. I'm not even sure that getting peed on would deter him.

Anyways, we decided to take Tobias to the emergency vet. $1700 and four days later, we got our cat back, good as new. Turns out he had a urinary blockage that required a catheter for several days and some antibiotics. They said he should get a follow up in a week and we would probably have to change him over to prescription cat food for life. Not wanting to risk the chance of another large vet bill, we scheduled our follow up appointment.

Friday Rich took him to the vet and she said he looked perfectly healthy. His bladder was so clean and he was so free of infection, they're not actually sure how it happened in the first place. She prescribed another two weeks of antibiotics to be on the safe side but said we didn't necessarily need to change over the cat food. We're going to wait and see on that.

My father of course flipped out at the vet bill. He said they couldn't have any more pets because he couldn't stomach paying that much for an animal. Having seen how happy their pets make him, I may fork over the cost for any large vet bills they may have.

And since Tobias is one of his favorite cats, I think he's secretly happy we got him all fixed up good as new.