600 calories a day!

I am about five pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight and all my pants are now dumpy in the butt. Don't get all jealous about that. There's five pounds less of me, but nothing is where it was or the same consistency as before I got pregnant. Things are a lot more squishy. Now that I'm nursing, I am an eating machine. I'm like a hobbit going from breakfast to second breakfast to elevens. I read somewhere that nursing burns 600 calories a day. I'm having a hard time finding things other than a pan of brownies that use up those calories. Who knew this could be so hard?

My rough estimate is that I've had about 1200 calories so far today. People say that 2000 calories a day is normal, right? So if I'm supposed to get an additional 600, I'm not even halfway to my goal. No wonder I'm always hungry!

All of your suggestions for lunch were super helpful and I've been rocking the leftovers this week so far. While the Healthy Choice meals are tasty, I felt like I needed to eat two so I could fill up! I never thought I could be sick of brownies, but it's coming true.

And all the things that fill me up are typically things that I would never normally eat. Fettuccine Alfredo? I've avoided it for years because it normally sends my blood sugar into orbit, but now here I am stuffing my gob with it. And whenever Rich looks at me in wonder as I shovel more food in, I just blurt out, "600 CALORIES A DAY!"