Brain dump

In case you missed it, I failed to include Rachel from Crunchy Turtle in my initial recap of our 13th Living Out Loud project. I really need to get more organized with these entries. That or I need an intern. I'm in a surprisingly good mood, which makes me want to write. But I can't think of much to write about, so I think you're going to get a brain dump.

My Google Reader is officially Out of Control. I literally need to assign myself homework of reading blogs to keep up. And I think I'm going to dole out a little tough love and pare down my reading list. If it's taking away from sleep or laundry (two of my highest priorities these days) it has to be better than mundane.

Oh, kettle, you are so very very black!

I've been working on our taxes lately and let me tell you, it's a giant pain in the ass. Not only am I delving into the world of depreciation for our rental property, I've realized I should have done our taxes last year differently. Hooray amended returns! I am dreading doing that too, but really shouldn't since it could possibly be enough of a difference to pay for a new refrigerator, one that doesn't spontaneously wet the floor and has a handle on the freezer door. I could paperwork my way to a new fridge! I just have to get off my ass and do it. Any second now. Just gonna download those forms and hop to it. Here I go. Watch me.

Our entire household has colds. Rich stayed home sick today and I brought Ian home at lunch because he was probably going to infect all the other babies and I didn't want to be That Mother That Selfishly Spreads Baby Plague. So he slept for four hours in his car seat while I worked. All in all, not so bad.

I think he's getting a tooth since there has been increased drooling and some general weariness. Here's hoping he sleeps a little better tonight since he kicked me in the belly all last night. I still love having him in our bed, I just might need to fashion padded booties to put on him.