It's so good!

When I was about six months pregnant, my co-worker turned to me very gravely and asked, "do you miss the alcohol?" It was the first time I'd really thought about it. Alcohol hadn't really registered as a high priority. The hormones in me made food and water take on magical properties. Even a simple glass of water would be the best thing ever! It's just so wet! And cold! And clear! And refreshing! Vodka could hardly compete with that. Drinking for me in the beginning was all about the results versus the process. I wasn't drinking tequila because it was tasty; I was drinking tequila because it leads to table dancing.

I've chased a man around his apartment naked. I've played a few Truth or Dare games. I've smooched quite a few ladies. I walked home once and don't remember how I got there. I might have even been accused of making a woman gay with my devilish ways. Who knew tequila that looks (and tastes) like window cleaner could be so powerful? Eventually, after some embarrassing incidents with Captain Morgan's, Zima and Tarantula I learned to seek out alcohol for the taste rather than the consequences.

Wine helped with that. I've found myself drinking a glass of cabernet sauvignon for the taste and not the fuzzy-headedness I might get later. I've even thought it would be nice to have another glass because it was so tasty but quit because I didn't want to deal with the inconvenience of being drunk.

Kahlua is so tasty with some warm milk. A mimosa can make Sunday brunch go down much easier and is one of the few times I indulge in orange juice. Once in a blue moon some Captain Morgan's and Diet Coke makes a party more fun. Dos Equis beer really hits the spot after a hot afternoon mowing the lawn.

I feel like Will Ferrell in Old School declaring "once it hits your lips, it's so good!" These days, though, I'm more likely to rave about the amazing qualities of water.