Stretching my fingers

Ok, let's do this. It's been so long since I've written, I feel like I've forgotten how to use this blog. I'm determined to put something into this electronic space before I forget how to write all together. I'm feeling rusty, like my fingers are creaking as I type.

The boy has been advancing in babyhood by leaps and bounds. He laughs, smiles, coos, grabs for everything in reach, plays with little toys, loves his reflection and is rolling over! He's still sleeping right next to me in bed and I have to say that is one of the best feelings ever to have him that close. I really am going to miss that when he leaves for college.

I'm kidding! I'm sure he'll be ready for his own bed before his voice changes.

I've been steadily recovering these last few weeks. Everyone says that parenthood changes everything, but I was not prepared for the emotional ravaging that would happen after making a person. In addition to adding someone to our household, I also had to reintegrate myself back into the office after being gone for two months. Since previous to this I had never been out of the office longer than a week, we were all adapting to the change.

I don't get very much done these days. My Google reader is pegged at 1000+ unread items, with little hope in sight for marking all as read. I get up, go to work, come home, do laundry, prep baby bottles, watch NCIS and go to bed. Obviously, I'm not doing much writing and it's pained me a bit. So I'm going to try making it a priority for myself.

It's taken me about four hours to write this, but my fingers are feeling a lot more limber than when I started. I'll get a little more practice this weekend as our lucky #13 Living Out Loud project is due Sunday. And let's hope I can rally.