Better by degrees

Things that would have gotten me down before but totally didn't phase me today:

  • I nursed Ian on my left boob which was hard as a rock. As soon as I put him down on our bed he smiled and spewed milk all over my side of the bed.
  • It poured cats and dogs and orangutans this morning on the way to work. I thought we were going to drown getting from the car to day care.
  • My blood sugar was inexplicably crazy high this morning (305).
  • I got to the house to discover our elder stateshound Sarah had pooped in our office.
  • An hour later, Sarah pooped in the kitchen. I think she's gotten to the age where there's a fine line between farting and pooping.
  • My ex-husband did not friend me on Facebook but friended Rich's ex-wife.
  • Waterproof mattress pads are hard to wash. After pulling it out of the washer it dribbled all over my shoe.

So I'd say the Zoloft is helping. This helps too.