For want of a picture, a thousand words

I can't feel any of the fingers on my left hand because the baby fell asleep in my arms and his little infant melon is pressing my wrist into the edge of the desk. I'm typing all of this with my right hand and really miss the iPhone features of capitalization and fixing typos. Mostly I miss two spaces magically becoming a period and one space.

But the boy has been a bit fussy today (most likely more growing as he is shedding skin like a snake) so I'm grateful for the relative peace of his quiet breaths in my arms. (Earlier he was snoring so much Rich thought I was pumping breast milk.)

Rich is feeling a bit under the weather (maybe he's having a growth spurt too) and it's cold, gray and rainy today. I'd like to have a Christmas tree but that will be for another day. Rich's father always used to say the tree needing to "rest" on the back porch for a day or two after being purchased before bringing it in and decorating it. It wasn't until Rich was much older that he realized it was actually his father who needed to rest before that production. So tomorrow we will acquire a tree and as tradition states we will let it rest on our porch for a day or two and then give it a home indoors.

I'm not so sad about the temporarily paralysis of my left hand since that's where the World's Worst Hangnail (TM) has taken up residency. It has swollen to the point of lifting up my fingernail even after at least a week of medical care. We have brought out the big guns of "drawing salve", though - a disgusting black tar that smells like wet fart but should help pull out the infection.

I would show you a picture of our adorable son in the glow of the monitor but for once I don't have an iPhone or portable camera in arm's reach and the dSLR weighs approximately 40 pounds and wound snap my arm in two. So just trust me that he's beautiful and worth the numbness in my left arm and the carpel tunnel in my right arm from typing and the soreness of my enlarging chest as he delays feeding just a little longer. And also be glad I can't include a photo of this hangnail.