Finish line

I have a list of blog post ideas but just don't have the focus right now to work on any of them. And trust me, some of them are gonna be great. But tonight I'm just full of other priorities. We gave Ian his first bath last night and it was a success. We didn't drown the baby and it may have gone a small way toward getting him to relax and sleep before midnight. Sleeping is going great except that he's not ready to go to bed when I am.

It's the end of the month and I'm actually pretty amazed that I managed to post every day of NaBloPoMo with a newborn (and no power for a few of those days). Ian has been pretty low maintenance, though. We'll see if I can still succeed with this monthly project in a few years.

When I was pregnant everyone would warn us that the last trimester was going to be the worst. Then when we were cruising through the last trimester, everyone warned us that it was easier when the baby was on the inside versus outside. Then when we had a pleasant easy going newborn, everyone said to enjoy it before he got mobile. I'm sure at that stage we'll be warned of the perils of teenagers.

All I know is we're having a great time so far and I'm in no hurry for any of these stages to be over.