Treating bedrest like my new job

With the exception of a brief lunch appointment, the baby and I have spent all of today in bed in our underwear. It was exactly what we needed to do today. I realized last night that I have been doing too much. I wouldn't realize that I was doing too much while I was doing it, only coming to terms with it in tears on the bathroom floor each evening around midnight as I realized my whole body hurt and I hadn't gone to bed yet. This is a new thing for me where my intellectual well being is not on the same page as my emotional or physical one. I'm fidgety if I don't do things or feel like a slacker but then at the end of the day I'm wiped out in more ways than one.

So today the boy and I enjoyed a little R&R. Unfortunately, I think Ian is starting on another growth spurt as he hasn't napped all day except for the hour of my lunch appointment and his poor little arms and legs keep churning and twitching. But unlike the last time, I took that as an opportunity for us to just hang out in the bed and chat. I held him with both arms (without one also holding the iPhone) and we counted fingers and toes in the afternoon sunlight of the bedroom.

Amazingly, my lady parts fare much better when I'm not stuffing myself into pants and trekking all over creation during the day. I've only had one dose of Motrin today and it was more out of habit than anything. Now if I can just get the rest of me to stop freaking out with the zits and the infected insulin pump infusion sites. I think my whole body is just telling me to chill out.

So things are looking up all told. Rich is entertaining Ian for a bit while I get settled in bed. If Ian manages to fall asleep, Rich can bring him up here, otherwise I'll just see him when he's ready to eat again.

And once we make it past all this postpartum aftermath, I'm buying myself all new underwear.