Crotch addendum

I'm writing this post from my iPhone because I'm currently pantsless in bed with a milk drunk infant waiting for Rich to get back with medicine for my crotch. Interesting fact: Monistat creams are alcohol-based so when applied in an attempt to relieve itching and burning, they can actually light you on fire.

My dear husband is heading to get me a prescription cortisone ointment that has no alcohol in it. Poor guy found his wife on the bathroom floor crying with clenched fists about to kick a whole in the tub after trying the other cream.

Funny thing is even though I was in all that pain, I wanted to get up and find Ian because he was hungry and alone and squawking for me. Biology is a potent thing.

While nursing my baby, I had a nice chat with one of the doctors on call who called in my script and suggested I see Dr. D tomorrow for a follow up.

I'm ready for my epidural now. Rich may want some drugs too before this is all over.