No we still don't have power. Yes I'm still pecking this out on my iPhone. The rumor is we may not get power until Monday because they're waiting for waters to recede in our area. But no one really knows.

My crotch has taken to hurting significantly more these days and I'm convinced some stitches have gone away prematurely. But of course no one will be able to help me with that until Monday.

Rich's knee is giving him lots of trouble today in addition to some mystery pain in his arm. So we're all a little cranky here.

But Ian is unphased and his big accomplishment has been to lose his umbilical cord stub this morning. So we've all been doing a bit of navel gazing today.

We have heat, hot water, some lights and a working fridge thanks to a generator. And there's no damage to our property. So we're trying to stay positive. The cute baby helps.