Making the best of the hand we were dealt

Things I've learned today: - how to wire our gas furnace circulator up to a generator using a "pig tail" outlet cord - how to test a generator's cycles using a plug-in clock - the procedures to plug and unplug the fridge from the generator - generator fumes get in everything - the best way to appreciate my Mini Cooper which I've fallen out of love with for its limited space is to loan it to my mother - my mother is many wonderful things, but she is a pretty crappy driver - my husband is pretty good at Rummy but not a good card shuffler

Friday night no lights

Still no power but we're making the best of it. The baby doesn't seem to care since it doesn't really affect his schedule of sleeping, nursing and pooping. At least Rich and I are getting more sleep now too. I still wake up at each feeding, though, hoping the clock radio will be lit up.