Feeling needed

I want to point out that my commitment to NaBloPoMo is so great, I'm pecking this entry out on my iPhone while lying in the dark because our power went out about 30 minutes ago. I still have half my battery left but I'll type fast. The weather here is awful as we are beaten down by a nor'easter that will run til tomorrow evening or so. We've had to drain the pool many times and several streets around us are flooded. In many ways this is worse than hurricane Isabel back in 2003, because at least that only lasted about 12 hours versus three days!

My big accomplishment today has been to talk to my brother about all his frustrations for an hour or so and to install anti-virus software on my father's ancient and infected computer. Oh and I've showered, brushed my teeth, put on clean clothes and fed the baby.

I told my mother that I took maternity leave thinking it would be a break from so many people needing me, but it seems I've just changed which people need me so badly. But no matter how many computer woes my father and brother have, Ian will always trump them with his whole "I need my mother's milk to survive" routine.

And with no power this evening, I'm particularly grateful to be breastfeeding. If anyone else needs me I'll be lying in the dark with my husband and son.