It's the little things that make my day

Yesterday was so very hard that today has seemed like a gift. Yesterday all I wanted to do was take a nap, but Ian was either eating or fussing all day long. He doesn't really cry, but would squirm and grunt and frown and be super restless. We had already had a rough night and I lkept telling him I just needed one hour to recharge. But it wasn't going to happen. He never slept for more than 15 minutes at a time.

Finally at 3:30 yesterday afternoon he fell asleep on my chest and we napped on the couch for two hours or so. I felt like a new person. And then last night he and I learned how to nurse while I stayed lying in bed which is its own special gift of relaxation at 3am. And then this morning he woke up, ate and then slept in the Boppy from 8:30 until almost noon! I got so much done! It was like he wrapped up that nap and put a bow on it for me.

And THEN! He woke up, ate, watched eat my sandwich in peace and we both went upstairs for a two hour nap this afternoon. Best. Baby. Ever!

He's currently asleep on my desk between me and the keyboard. And if I'm lucky, he'll sleep for good chunks of time tonight.

He has been such an exceptionally good baby thus far but him having a hard time yesterday was tough on us both. And it made me appreciate when you're trying to console someone else you can't get anything done yourself. So I'm just happy we're both feeling better today.

I even had time this evening to scan some old photos I managed to con from my aunt for the week. This one is my mother's favorite family portrait of theirs. Maybe I'll make a family portrait for us like this.

City Jail family photo