Much improved day

Today is much better than yesterday. Actually, over the course of the day it's steadily improved. I woke up around 7 and after an hour of feeding and an hour of rocking chair time, I was ready for Rich to snuggle our son so I could shower and rally.

Breakfast and a productive Target trip (woo more nursing bras and yoga pants!) led to a trip to the park (two laps around the park and I survived!) and cheeseburgers for lunch. Our little boy slept through all our outings and has been a perfect little snuggle bear this evening.

Ian and I have nursed/grazed in 5-10 minute spurts while rotting our brains watching a marathon of Bridezilla episodes. It's been awesome. Rich ordered us pizza and delivered it to my recliner. I'm hopeful that Sir Grunts-a-lot will sleep soundly for some large chunks tonight.

So with that I leave you with more precious little boy. You'll have to just imagine the adorable little cooing noises.

catching up on sleep