Making room for baby

I just spent the last hour or so rearranging our bedroom. When we first came home with Ian, I tried sleeping in the bed. Since he was nursing 347 times a night and I still had fresh stitches in my crotch, sitting up and lying down was getting to be a bit of a drag. So after a day or two of that we switched and I slept in my recliner downstairs (LOVE that recliner! Best pregnancy purchase ever!) and Rich slept on the sofa in the living room with me. That way I could lean back to nearly flat to sleep with Ian and then just sit up in the chair to feed him. If I fell asleep he couldn't fall out of the chair or off of me so it was comforting.

But after a few days, I started to miss my husband way over on the other side of the living room. And Ian was getting more of a solid schedule of only needing to nurse every two to three hours versus constantly through the night so I had a better chance of getting solid sleep. So we decided to head back to the bedroom as a family.

The only problem was where to put the baby. I wanted him in the bed with us, preferably in contact with me. I've found that holding him or touching him or being very close to him does great things for fending off any hormonal depression I may have. But Rich was concerned that one of us would smoosh him in our sleep. So while the baby and I were getting better sleep, poor Rich wasn't getting hardly any because he was convinced every noise he heard was the baby suffocating.

So for now, we're going to experiment with my modified bassinet. I raised the mattress up on the Arm's Reach co-sleeper to be nearly bed height and I've given up my nightstand. We'll try this out tonight and see how it goes. I'd still prefer him on me but we get plenty of snuggle time during nursing and I'd like Rich to be able to sleep as well. Wish us luck tonight!