Recap of 10th Living Out Loud project: When I grow up

Ever the team player, my child has slept from noon until after 5pm today so that I take a much-needed two hour nap, write my own entry for this month and compile all the other entries for our latest Living Out Loud project. He has done his momma proud. With no further ado, I present this month's entries. I'm happy to see how we're all faring as grown ups out in the world.

SuziCate's Digging in the Dirt First, let me say that SuziCate has been a writing MACHINE lately. She went back and did all the previous LOLs and continues to write great stuff online. She started out as one of those "hair cutter ladies" I wanted to be but has since moved on to another job I think would be fun to have.

Gina's When I grow up My first grade teacher was also named Mrs. Wiggins and she was awesome! As for getting to where we want to be in life, thankfully it takes us our whole life to get there so there's still plenty of time left.

Wil's When I grow up I find it really funny that Wil's list of potential dream jobs is not far off from my own (perhaps minus the helicopter pilot one). I love languages too and pick them up fast so always thought it would be cool to be a translator or something like that. Maybe there are more jobs than we realize that involve translating.

Deb's When I grow up ... Ah yes, just like Communication Studies there are worse unused majors to have than Sociology. We always said that Sociology was the highest paying major at Virginia Tech, but that was just because the football players picked it and went on to the NFL. I am too sensitive of a soul for social work, but I admire anyone who can do it. And maybe you'll get to bake your bread yet.

Megan's Writer: When I grow up Megan reminds me that what we are when we grow up is not necessarily what we get a regular paycheck for doing.

Ben's What I Didn't Want to Be I married and lived many years with a man with ADHD and it was like the third person in our marriage in many ways, so I can empathize with what Ben says about not wanting to be that person. But just like diabetes is a part of any relationship I have, we make the best of it and in many ways it gives us a lot of our gifts too.

Kim's What I Wanted to Be I would have never guessed that Kim would one day be a nurse if you had asked me 15 years ago. And yet here she is well on that path. And for all the reasons she says, I think it's a terrific decision. That and fashion design is kinda out (but love that drawing!).

JBarbie's Unconditional This entry of course speaks to a recent soft spot in my heart as I embark on this journey of motherhood. Seeing the joy in my own mother's face now at 71 years old as she finally gets to be a grandma, I can see how this is a job that won't ever go away. Despite all the cliches it's a job you never truly quit until the day you die.

Kaylyn Pippin's Reckless Abandonment I can't imagine all that Kaylyn has gone through but it really does make me smile to see how she's gotten to where she is now. It may not seem like a success on paper, but we know it's really the greatest success she's had thus far. Go team!

Karal's Somebody Unlike me, Karal wanted to be an astronaut and an archaeologist as a kid. And I'm so proud of her for all the digging and star gazing she's done lately.

And my own Would you like fries or a hosted server with that?

I was unsure how many folks would be inspired to write for this month's theme, but yet again you all have impressed me with your enthusiasm.

And I say this each time but all the entries were fantastic! I have, however, chosen Ben as this month's winner because he covered an interesting topic of what we don't want to be when we grow up (and I have great empathy for his challenges having watched my ex-husband struggle).

Ben will receive a gift card for a month of World of Warcraft, because while it's a horrible distraction it's also a great way to stay in touch with friends.

Stay tuned for next month's topic very soon. I'm going to try my hand at NaBloPoMo again this year and post every day this month. But since my son is awake now and hungry, it may literally only be one hand at a time.