Counting the hours until we meet

Yes, I'm still pregnant. Thanks for asking. It's been a bit of an emotional day for me as I really didn't want to have to walk back into the doctor's office with a baby still on the inside versus outside of me. I had been given the approval to go to my due date (which is Tuesday officially, so I still have a few hours) but no one was quite sure if I'd be allowed to go past it.

I brought Rich with me for moral support. I'm not sure if I have a note in my chart now (WARNING: May burst into tears! Ixnay mentioning the ueday ateday!) or if bringing the 6'5" dude with me helped, but everyone there was super nice to me and treated me with kid gloves.

Baby boy has a great heart rate, plenty of amniotic fluid, good movements, lots of hiccups and a mommy with stellar blood pressure (seriously - 120/77). But he still hasn't made any motions to come out quite yet.

I'm still 80% effaced and 1cm dilated but not much more than that. The baby has dropped quite a bit, though, so all those squats have been helping. Dr. D did a bit more "encouraging" of my cervix to dilate so we'll see what happens.

My OB obviously has been rooting for me to go into labor on my own this past week. And she obviously is doing everything she can to give me the birth I want without chemicals or surgery. But the longer he stays in there, the larger he gets and the more concerned she gets.

I've been given the go ahead to stay pregnant for another week until my appointment next Monday. If at that point he hasn't dropped significantly more, I'm not more dilated and we still don't have a baby in our arms, we will cross the bridge on what to do next. I'm hoping that isn't the bridge to Cesarean Mountain without at least trying over the one to Induction Valley, but I'm trying not to think about that yet and focus on the seven days I have before then.

So light a candle, say a prayer, sacrifice a chicken, spit over your shoulder or do whatever else you can to convince our son he wants to come out this week. Rich and I are doing our parts as Operation Squat, Walk and Screw continues apace. Wish us all luck!