I come from a long line of list makers

Our birth instructor told us last week that by the 36th week we should have our bag packed and by the front door, just in case. I leaned over and whispered to Rich, "Um, that's Tuesday. Guess we should make a list." Fortunately, I am a champion list maker. Both of my parents are list makers as well. My mother keeps 3x5 index cards in her shirt pocket with a variety of lists on them at all times. Their bathroom mirror is littered with several lists (some woefully out of date but still there like organizational relics).

Yesterday my father left for the family farm in North Carolina to make molasses. His family has made molasses every year since his father was doing it for everyone in Edgecombe County. It's a bit of a family tradition. These days, though, it's harder and harder to make it all happen. Daddy is in his late sixties, his brother is in his early seventies and most of us kids have other obligations that keep us away (this year, my belly keeps me close to home and away from the molasses cooker).

Since the farm is not used regularly, we end up bringing every possible thing we could think of needing for a weekend. I went to check on my mother who's under the weather this afternoon and found Daddy's packing list by the computer. For posterity, I'll share it with you all.

Money, cell phone, charger, inverter Camera, batteries, memory Flashlight, big beam and charger Back belt, neck brace, knee brace, shoe under-arch pipe [the pipe is a contraption he created to help with foot cramps] Insect repellent and itch meds Umbrella and small ground mat

Acid reducer, Alka-Seltzer, Pepto-Bismol and Tums Baby aspirin and gum [both help his sore throat] Muscle relaxer, Motrin and large aspirin Tooth picks, dental floss and nail file Band aids, tweezers and hand lotion Eye drops and eye patch [not sure what the eye patch is for]

Deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste Razor & shave brush [my father still uses a camel hair shave brush] Soap, wash cloths, shampoo, conditioner Bath mat towel Glasses, pens, handkerchief and comb Night light, sleeping pants and shirt

Belt(s) and phone case(s) Shirts, pants and shoes (work and nice) Socks and underwear Hats - summer or winter and gloves

Plastic cups and paper towels Drinks, juice or energy drinks Candy, nabs, nuts, dried fruit Beanie weenies and canned fruit

Duct tape and tie wire Spare tire, jack and flares Tools and sockets Lug wrench and pipe handle Jumper cables or jump box Bungy cord and rope Ether [usually for starting the Model A Ford that runs the grinder]

He also had a short list of items to take home with him:

Dogwood tree Acuba plant Romex Turnip seed

I have my own long and detailed list of things to bring with us to the hospital (thankfully all of which fit in a backpack), but my take home list pretty much only has one extra item on it: