35 weeks

I'm not sure if it's a coincidence or if maybe my heart-to-heart with the OB two weeks ago got through to them, but everyone was at the top of their game today for my appointments. I did have to see a dietitian, but it was Georgia this time and I don't mind her nearly as much as Marilyn. She was super pleasant and asked me about my weekend and if I had any questions or issues. She told me I was doing the right things and that the occasional high blood sugar for things like changing my infusion site was understandable and easily fixable.

I had a physician's assistant come in and tell me I was doing great as well and they just want to monitor me but don't see any reason for alarm. She complimented my Excel sheet and said my A1C of 6 was great. (I was hoping for something in the 5s but that test was from a crappy blood sugar period for me and there's no reason to get all Lisa Simpson about it.) They did my Group B Strep test today and sent me off for my nonstress test. That also went swimmingly and I have "great fluids" (I bet they say that to all the girls). Apparently anything over 10 is good (which I think is 1000mL or 1 liter) and I had 15.5.

It was almost creepy how pleasant they all were. Maybe they're scared of me. Which I would be fine with at this point.

I've got one more two week appointment at 37 weeks and then we're down to weekly visits until the baby makes his debut.