Recap of 8th Living Out Loud project: Little treasures

This theme turned out to be harder for me than I thought it would be. Teller (of Penn and Teller fame) has a book about his parents called When I'm Dead All This Will Be Yours. The title came from a trip to his father's cellar in search of a flat-head screw amongst all the coffee jars of stuff. While searching for this particular screw, his father proclaimed with a sweeping gesture, "When I'm dead, all this will be yours!"

I think about Teller and his dad a lot when I'm dealing with my parents and all their stuff. So much of it is just worthless junk. But mixed in all of it are some true gems. It's just going to take years to find them all.

You all did a fabulous job of telling us what your personal treasures are, and the results are amazingly diverse!

Candice's What do you treasure? She did a fine job of being able to answer the question of what she would go back for were her home on fire. And after hunting for pictures of myself recently, I have realized the frustration of getting pictures of the person who's always the photographer. So her treasure is even more special for that.

Kim's Treasured Objects with a Purpose Kim has so many things that she has collected over the years, I was curious what she would pick. It amazed me that her treasures are things she uses every day.

Megan's Unadorned I was reading this and Rich looked over and said, "Hunh. She had that ring on when we were dating." I'm not sure if I'm more impressed with what she had to say or her ability to take a picture of her own hand.

Karal's Rock On. Convincing her to write stuff down in a blog will stand as one of my best ideas ever. I found a few rocks of my own this afternoon digging around as well as a 35mm film case full of sand from Los Angeles a friends brought me. Little things like that can mean so much.

Deb's Stuff and Nonsense I think the Christmas ornament is my favorite. Rich has all these treasured ornaments he brought with him to our relationship and I don't really have any. I should work on that.

And my own Treasures have happy memories

I also know that Gina has written an entry but left it at work, so I'll update that once she can post it.

Edit: Gina's entry is here - Living Out Loud #8 - and is a great tribute to both of her parents as well as her in laws. Thanks for sharing!

This month, I choose Karal as our winner as she truly stuck to the spirit of living out loud for this project. I should note, though, that Candice gets an honorable mention for having an item that fits the description of "take from a burning building" worthy.

Karal's prize is a compact flash card for her dSLR camera, to help ensure we see plenty of photography from her in the future. You can never have too many compact flash cards.

As always, I'm grateful for everyone who participated and hope you all enjoyed reading these. I have a few ideas brewing for our next project so stay turned for an update on that within the week!