John Jacob Jingleheimer has a nice ring to it

changing table = cat bed
Someone is testing out all this new equipment we have in the house. He just doesn't seem to understand that none of these are actually cat toys/beds/slings/carriers.

We are going to spend a chunk of the weekend sorting through all the copious goodies we have received from dear friends and family. I'm still not really sure what we even have yet other than nearly everything we could need for a new baby. We have all the basics except for some diapers and a baby. Well and all that stuff we will have forgotten or never realized we needed until he's here.

Oh, and we need a name for this little guy, but I'm pretty much convinced we won't have one until he's actually here. I've gotten a bit superstitious about it, wanting to spend some time with him before I commit to any name. I figure if Jews won't buy baby items until the little bundle arrives, I don't need to start monogramming onesies for someone I haven't met yet.

It took us at least a week to name all our pets once we got them, so I can't imagine we'll be much faster with a newborn. I'm also enjoying the "not quite here yet"-ness of not having a name picked out. We'll have plenty of opportunities to wear out whatever name we choose once he's here. But right he's got every name under the sun at his disposal. Why fence him in?