Baby, what, baby?

"I like it better when you raid with PUGs. You don't talk to them." Rich has a superhuman talent for being able to play WoW and still talk to me at the same time about a variety of complex topics. Last night the topic was breastfeeding covers and the night before was lawn care or something like that, all while killing bad guys and marking targets. But lately it's been frustrating that while he can multi-task amazingly well, it can be hard for me to tell if he's talk to me or the folks on his Vent channel in the raid.

Me: "So what did you think of that chair tonight?" Him: "I can just port to Dalaran and yell there." Him: "It's cool." Him: "Ah, naw, man."

One of those was the answer to my question, I'll let you figure out which one.

He's now come up with the plan to respond to me like one does a drill sergeant and use a "Baby" prefix and suffix for everything he says to me.

We've only been trying this out for an hour or so, but it seems to be working.

Me: "I'd like to get that chair once it's been the appropriate waiting period before such a major purchase." Him: "Baby, bereavement period, baby?" Me: "Yeah, like buying a handgun. I'm ready to buy it tomorrow, but I'll let you play hard to get or whatever you want to do." Him: "Army, I'll give you a dollar if you run in the opposite direction of me on the next AoE." Him: "Baby, that's cool, baby." Him: "Skull! ... X! ... Ugh, this is not going well." Him: "Nice job, El, that's pro shit there."

Yes, it's cool, indeed.