Bring your own smores and pillow

In just a few hours I'll be on my way to BlogHer where I'll be cavorting with 1400 women (and a few men) talking about blogs and online media. I know that many of you are headed to Pennsic shortly, so just think of this as my version of that, only with less sunburn and better wifi. When I got pregnant, I did the math and was pleased that I would be able to still go to BlogHer and not be as big as a house or with a wiggly newborn. And with this being our first child, it will be interesting to see if my perspective starts to change as I become a card-carrying "mommyblogger" (they do give you a card at the hospital, right?). I'm expecting the money and fame to just start rolling in as soon as this little boy is born, I'm sure. Everyone will be riveted to know which brand of diapers I choose or if I will breast feed him.

I could really use this break right now, even if it will be action-packed. I've been really emotional lately and as someone who generally has that stuff under control, it's been harder than I expected. A few weeks ago I got mad about something and Rich just said "I don't know why this is something worth getting this worked up about" to which I screamed "BECAUSE I'M FUCKING PREGNANT!" and then promptly collapsed on the bed in tears.

Ugh, it's exactly how I don't want to be. I don't care about the physical inconveniences, but this emotional roller coaster is something I'm not used to. I find myself getting angry at myself for getting angry in the first place, which is not very productive. I'm not sure if I prefer this rage to the angst of before. But either way, I'm looking forward to just taking a break from the daily irritations of life and meeting new folks.

And of course, every time I start to feel worked up about something, I just keep watching this video Christie sent me.