Your mileage may vary

My poor husband was lied to. Many helpful people told Rich that I was going to puke for the first three months and I would be huge and miserable for the last three months of this pregnancy. And several folks warned that once the baby is here, we'll barely interact with each other. Mixed in with all these gloomy premonitions was the consolation of the second trimester. Men would waggle their eyebrows at my husband, grin and tell him "wait until the second trimester."

Well, dear readers, we are smack dab in the midst of the second trimester and were I Rich I would call bullshit.

I sailed through the first trimester without hardly any nausea. And thanks to my height, I'm really not very large by most standards. But there isn't a lot of eyebrow waggling going on around here. Frankly, I'm pissed about it.

The last two weeks or so have been hard in general. My blood sugar has been all over the place. I wrestled them down all last week with ridiculous amounts of insulin only to have them hit rock bottom on Saturday. My own personal lowest moment was lying down for a nap with a blood sugar of 158 and waking up in a full panic a little over an hour later with a blood sugar of 33. So the exact time when we should have been having a quickie upstairs while our house guests were downstairs, Rich found me sitting on the toilet sobbing uncontrollably and blubbering about orange juice. Good times.

It's not that I feel unattractive or am worried about the baby, despite what may hypothesize. My skin is incredibly sensitive so that I go from "that feels kinda nice" to "don't touch there ever again, are those your hands or blocks of sand paper?". If I lie on my back for more than a few minutes, I feel nauseated. If I tighten my stomach muscles for too long, I get really nauseated. And then there's the lightheadedness or the chance that all these symptoms mimic my low blood sugar. Sexy, huh?

No one promises that a relationship will be consistant, emotionally or physically, over time. I suppose it's part of the adventure we embark on together. And I don't expect us to have everything stay the same ... gosh, that would be boring. But I take solace that even though things are changing a lot these days, one thing and one person remains constant. And I wouldn't want to figure all this out with anyone else.