High fiber and protein foods that don't taste like ass

Food and I have had a tough relationship lately. There are some things I eat that taste so good, I feel like I'm experiencing them for the very first time every time. And other things I eat just to put nutrients in my system. I waffle between starving and completely uninterested in anything. One of those things that wasn't necessarily in the pregnancy brochure is the need for extra fiber to keep ones system from shutting down. However, my dietitian harps on protein and ignores anything I say about fiber. If I eat nothing but steak and cheese for the protein, though, I may not survive. (Side note: I've always figured that those people who eat nothing but cheese must have bowel movements that are more like a menstrual cycle where they get all bloated and cranky beforehand but only poop once a month or so.)

So since I had to go to the grocery store anyways, I decided to share some of my favorite high fiber and protein foods of late. As always, I'm open to suggestions.

Quaker High Fiber oatmeal

Quaker high fiber oatmeal I eat this every morning for breakfast with a hard-boiled egg. It has 10g of fiber in it! It's also got 4g of protein, so add that to the 6g for my egg and it's not too shabby.

Kashi Go Lean bars

Kashi Go Lean bars I stumbled upon these in the Power Bar aisle and they're way tastier. They hold up well to living in ones purse or laptop bag for weeks at a time and they have enough protein and fiber to make the pretty versatile (8g of protein and 5g of fiber). They make a good breakfast on the go or snack. The blue box of cinnamon coffee cake is THE BOMB but they're really hard to find.

Fiber Plus and Active Lifestyle chewy bars

Fiber Plus and Active Lifestyle chewy bars I first found the Fiber Plus bars and they're pretty tasty. Then I stumbled upon the Active Lifestyle bars in Kroger and they're a bit more tasty and less heavy. Both brands have a whopping 9g of fiber in them but only 2g of protein.

Frosted Mini Wheats and Fiber One raisin bran clusters

Frosted Mini Wheats and Fiber One raisin bran clusters These are my two favorite cereals of late. The mini wheats have 5g of fiber per serving and a respectable 5g of protein, while the Fiber One earns its name with 11g of fiber (!) and 4g of protein. I had low blood sugar last night (31mg/dL) and ate three servings of Fiber One cereal to fix it. It was delicious.

Other random snacks to mix and match

various high fiber/protein snacks Pretty much every day I have something from this photo. The apple and fiber selects have a decent amount of fiber in them (5g per serving) and the peanut butter, cheese and yogurt all have good levels of protein (7g, 5g and 6g respectively). After some of those high fiber things I've listed before, I can manage a bit of cheddar cheese and live to tell the tale. Oh, and fuji apples are the best, hands down. Our child's middle name may be Fuji.