This bear is apparently flying on a trapeze

I've spent about $200 for test strips since Friday. Since the beginning of the month, I've been trying to get my test strips from Liberty Medical (yeah, Wilford Brimley's place) with no luck. I bought 50 strips on Friday hoping they would last me until my refills came. Yesterday I had to buy another hundred. I called Liberty today to find out what the hold up is only to find out that they claim to be waiting on doctor's orders. I've been diabetic for 24 years yet I have to have an annual doctor's notes saying it's okay for me to have supplies that I'm going to pay for. It's like needing a hall pass for a disease.

I'm running out of CGM sensors and I've been out of test strips for weeks. If I run out of sensors, I'll be going through test strips even more than I already have. Even with the sensor, I tested my sugar 15 times today (at $1.20 each from our local Rite Aid).

As luck would have it, I've reached my 23rd week of pregnancy and as the ultrasound technician was kind enough to explain to me, this is when the placenta starts really growing with speed and it trashes my blood sugars.

Every day it's like wrestling a bear to get my blood sugars down with only sporadic success. Without sensors or test strips, it's like paying hundreds of dollars to wrestle a bear blindfolded.