Like hemming a bicycle

It's been forever, but I'm dusting off the needle and thread to work on some clothing that will fit around my belly over the next few months.

It's taking twice as long as normal because I have to find the pattern, fabric scissors, chalk, tape measure, straight edge (which is still MIA - how do you lose a drywall square?!), thread and straight pins. I also have to work a bit harder to find consistent motivation.

I've always said that there is a sewing muse and if you try to create things when you don't have the muse, you are doomed to make two left sleeves or put the pleats in the armpit (Jeremy had a tunic like that, but I wasn't the responsible party for it). But after all this time, I'm having to coax the muse out of hiding, shaking a tin of treats while it cowers under the bed.

So I have a dress cut out and serged around the edges and the fabric for Rich's tabard is in the dryer. And I'm getting there piece by painfully cut out piece with 1/2" seam allowance.

One thing, though? My drafting table KICKS ASS! Being able to raise it up to above belly height for cutting out fabric is a Godsend. Best thrift store purchase ever!