A random list of reminders

First, don't forget that this Sunday at 5pm eastern is the deadline for our latest Living Out Loud Project. The theme for this month is your own personal folklore. The hardest part for me so far is just picking which story I want to tell (but we seem to have a ton of folklore to choose from). Remember that one lucky entrant receives a small prize of appreciation and all participants earn fame, glory and a link on the LOL Members blogroll! Go team! The next reminder is that I'm still pregnant. Hello, I know, right? I'm still getting used to it myself. Having never been particularly fat or particularly pregnant before, I'm still getting used to how this stage has characteristics of both. My boobs are starting to no longer be the part of me that would touch a wall first should I walk into one. I make old man noises sometimes when I get out of a chair. I dropped my favorite pen on the floor at work yesterday right after lunch and seriously considered just buying another one versus trying to bend over to get it. But overall, I still look and feel the same, just with a swimmy person inside me and an insatiable desire for chips and salsa (which counts as well as a paternity test to prove that Rich is the father of this child).

We're going to two SCA events this month. I'm just as surprised as you all are! But Rich has been asked to participate in the Golden Rose Tourney and my favorite Mistress is cooking at our local event so it was a no-brainer for them both. There's a guy at work who has gotten excited at the prospect of heavy fighting within the society and it's interesting to be around such fresh enthusiasm after all my general ennui about modern middle ages stuff of late. It's refreshing. I may get off my ass and sew a new outfit (particularly if I want to be able to fit this ever-expanding body of mine into something other than our pavilion). Wish me luck!