You should be watching TEDTalks

I love watching TEDTalks. One day if I work really hard, when I grow up I may be able to give a TEDTalk of my own. But until then, I hope that you learn to love and appreciate these talks as much as I do. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. It started as a conference way back in 1984, but now it has stretched out into the Internet. There are over 400 TEDTalks now available, all based on the challenge of someone to give the "talk of their lives" in under 18 minutes.

So it pleased me greatly to find a Google document of all TEDTalks up to May 11, 2009. It's my own little glue trap!

If that list seems overwhelming (and it's quite a list!), I offer you a few links to some of my favorites.

Aimee Mullins and her 12 pairs of legs

Ed Ulbrich shows how Benjamin Button got his face

Scott McCloud on comics