Because I could not tank for Death—

We spend most of our evenings in our home office. Rich plays World of Warcraft, we watch NHL hockey or NCIS on the TV between us and I surf RSS feeds and write blog posts from my computer. Since Rich does a lot of raiding in WoW, he spends a lot of time with his headset on talking to folks on Ventrillo. Because his outbursts have no context for me and I only hear his part of the conversation, I started collecting them as bits of poetry. I present to you ...

Raid Night I got the poison on him. Rogue has got it taken care of. Dessimate in 10. I'll take the Light for you, Glacial. Vezina is on the WALL. Karm is on the WALL.

Did Death come as a Tank? Oh, you won’t be using your talents. Can you see the sparks?! We were rockin’ pretty good until that last spark.

Emily Dickinson would be proud.