Giving everyone a chance to catch up

Aw shucks, Internet, I can't stay mad at you. Don't fret, I'm not giving up on our Living Out Loud Project any time soon. It's just nice to hear that many of you are at least humming along from your seats even if you're not up on stage with the rest of us. I'm glad this project makes you think. I'm glad you enjoy the round ups of entries each month (Because, seriously, I have yet to get a lame entry yet. I reiterate how much you all rock.) I have been adamant each month that this isn't my project (although it may have been my original hair-brained idea) - it's ours. So let's keep this sucker moving.

To that end, I'm doing a little tidying on the web site. I'm making a space in my web site header for a Living Out Loud link. It will give a brief description of the project, list each month's theme with a link to that description and a recap of the entrants. To highlight all the great work that you've all done, anyone who participates in the project will have their name and blog URL added to an ongoing list of LOL members. You are part of an elite task force, fostering a sense of constructive exhibitionism on the web. Whew, that's a lot of responsibility - no wonder so many of you get spooked by it!

The whole time I was rushing to the airport this afternoon, my head was a flurry of ideas for themes. I keep a list on my iPhone so I can write them down whenever I get a new one. So, yeah, I'm still pretty stoked about this project.

Like Iseulte said, sometimes others need a chance to grow into this and that it's hard keeping up with me. I just got so excited about this project that suddenly I was disappointed there weren't a million entries. But when it comes to this whole living out loud stuff I'm a bit of a seasoned veteran so I have to remember that we're working on this together and it may take a little time.

If the theme for May (which I will post momentarily) inspires you, go for it. But if you run out of time or energy, don't sweat it. There will always be next month!