Recap of 4th Living Out Loud project: don't tell me, show me

Personally, I learned a lot in this month's project. I learned that I need to do a sound check and review it on the computer before I trust doing a full video. I learned how to stitch together multiple video files (there's a two hour limit on the time lapse setting on the camera) and then how to speed them up to fit within a 3 minute song. I learned how to create rolling credits. I learned how to patiently show my husband how to do something instead of just taking the mouse from him and doing it myself. So all in all, I suppose this was a success. The entries for this month's LOL Project and its video format of "Don't Tell Me, Show Me" are:

Megan's An Old Dancer I've heard about Megan's dancing but it was awesome to get to see a part of it in action. It's not really something where she's going to bring her shoes to our house and show us how it works in our living room (not that we would mind).

Ben's FunLand Ben's comparison of FunLand for him and his kids makes me think about how it will be for us to raise our child literally one block from where I spent my entire childhood and what things about growing up I'll want to share. Seeing Megan and his daughter's bare feet dangling out of the amusement park ride made me smile.

Tink's Tink and Her 2 Hamsters I had hamsters when I was her age and gerbils as an adult. I think it's a right of passage to have pets like this (complete with gloves to keep them from biting you).

Ace's Martial Arts I've never done martial arts as a kid or adult (I'm a lover, not a fighter), but it does look like fun and I can see why Ace loves it so much.

Rich's They Wear What? (a guide to goalie gear) This was fascinating for me because while filming Rich go through all his equipment I realized there's a fair amount of stuff I didn't know about the gear in our garage. Educational and fun!

Karal's Got a Life We were talking at lunch the other day and she said she needed to get a life in the two days before the project was due so she would have something to make. Looks like she had one all along.

and my own How to build an above-ground pool

Tink and Ace are the 5-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son of Ben and Megan who wanted to participate since their parents were. I haven't had the chance to meet the kids in person because of scheduling stuff, so it was very cool to get to see them talk about things that are important to them.

I haven't decided what to do about the prize yet, but it will go to the AcornDreaming/ButtonPusher (Acorn Pushing?) household for their dedication to my crazy ideas. I hope you enjoy seeing what we have made for you all.