Living Out Loud volume 4: Don't tell me. Show me.

I'd like you to tell me a story. Tell me about your childhood home. Show me your favorite place to spend a sunny afternoon. Explain to me how you get your hair to do that awesome thing that it does. Teach me how to draw a turtle. Interview someone or have someone interview you. Show me your signature move. But I don't just want you to tell me, I want you to show me. And the best way to show me is through the magic of moving pictures. It's time for our fourth Living Out Loud Project, and as promised this one is going to be a little different. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so wouldn't moving pictures be worth even more than that?

Let's talk about the rules for this project.

  • Your submission must be in video form. It can be hosted on any video sharing site such as YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo or any other site you prefer.
  • There is no minimum or maximum length, but you obviously have to tell a decent story.
  • Once you have completed your entry and posted it, please email me the link at genie [at] inabottle [dot] org.
  • The due date for entries is Sunday, May 3rd at 5pm Eastern. This gives us one more weekend for those of us who wait until the last minute.
  • You must either be in the video or narrate a significant portion of the video. This is a project on living out loud, after all.
  • Once I have collected all the entries, I will post a wrap-up to list them all and announce a winner.

If you're looking for inspiration, check out the 90-second Stories Group on Flickr.

The prize for this project is a little different too. First, I'm telling you about the prize up front, perhaps to help entice you to participate. Second, I've kicked the prize up a bit. On the condition that there are at least ten (10) participants, one entry will win a prize of a Flip Mino HD camera. If there are only nine participants, though, I reserve the right to offer a much more lame prize, so tell your friends and encourage them to play along!

If you are concerned that you are clueless in the ways of video recording and sharing, never fear. I'll be posting some tutorials and information in the coming week or so. Your job in the short term is to think up what story you want to tell. The rest will be easy.

So dust off your video camera in whatever form it may take or borrow one from a friend. Ponder what you'd like to talk about and I'll help you with the rest. If you have questions about the parameters of the project feel free to comment or email me. I look forward to seeing what you all produce!