Recap of 3rd Living Out Loud project: you are what you eat

Another month has flown by and another Living Out Loud project has come to fruition. This month's theme was based on your relationship with food and trying something new. I can't tell you how much I enjoy orchestrating these things and am always grateful for those who play along. This month's participants are listed below: Megan's I am writing this with a burrito in one hand I'm pleased that Megan's new diet is working out for her so far (not jinxing it by saying anything about a shut out in the third period or anything). I think the slow and steady pace is really for the best.

Kim's Picky Eaters Anonymous Having witnessed Kim's pickiness for 21(!) years, I can attest that it's a true feat that she's come around to being so adventurous with food. She credits Telf, but I think she deserves a lot of props herself for giving so many things a try.

Audrey's Food is my Friend I found this entry pretty interesting in the background on all her home-cooked meals (which at the moment makes me drool) and her challenging relationship with food because of Chrohn's disease. It really puts in perspective what can be trying something "new".

Rich's Food for Thought Having to document the disgusting things he ate, I am fearful of sharing the same space with him the rest of this evening. But I do agree that 7-Eleven's billboards are basically based on a dare these days.

Karal's Eating Like the Other Half Eats Karal's having a bit of a rough time of it as her tummy has been forming a coup against the rest of her body lately. We lamented together about having a hard time coming up with something new to try eating. But um, wow, she really out-did me with her choice.

Gina's Honey Mustard I had no idea there could be that much spaghetti in a meal. And I'm still determined to get her to try sushi one day. But Gina gives a really heart-felt and detailed history of her complex relationship with food. And mustard is a start.

Jeb's Living Out Loud entry Jeb shares my love of all foods great and small. I have never tried reindeer myself, though, and I'm not even sure what Afghan food is. :)

And finally my own Part of a balanced daily something All I can say is I'm an idiot for picking a theme of food while being bombarded with all these hormones. But I soldiered through 8 different things to give you my reviews. And now I feel like there's a bowling ball in my stomach.

I think this weeknight deadline was hard on all of us. I'd like to say we had three weeks to work on it, but let's be realistic that no one wrote theirs two weeks ago. For this project I had a tough time picking a winner because I liked them all and greatly appreciate everyone's participation. So I'm giving everyone a prize. Woo! My project, my rules!

Each participant will receive a copy of Maggie Mason's No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog. It's a thin little number but chock full of fun ideas for what to write about when you feel in a slump. I have my own copy that's heavily tagged with Post-it Note flags for reference.

I'll be posting the theme for May's LOL project soon. The next one is going to be a doozey, so I may up the stakes and prize a bit as well. Stay tuned!