Recap of 2nd Living Out Loud project: our bodies, ourselves

Again, you all continue to amaze me and I'm humbled that you would take the time to write such great things for this project. This month's challenge was to describe something physically about ourselves that pleases us. It could be a body part or an overall physical feature. The project also had a second part of providing a recent photo of yourself that pleases you. Below is a list of the participants: Kitty's Living Like you Love It Her topic is her body's power to adapt. She has done great things to create a positive image of herself and my favorite line of her entry is, "Hello – I made people!!!". And while it wasn't her topic, I feel it necessary to note that God graced her with a great rack. So there.

Gina's What Makes ME Hot Stuff I was afraid Gina was going to chicken out on me for this project but she came through with flying colors! As a fellow brown-eyed girl, I can totally respect her choice of highlighting her eyes. And the grin in her photo is awesome!

Martelle's Hot Stuff I stumbled upon Martelle through LiveJournal and the SCA, but I'm not sure I could have picked her out of a police line up or crowded feast hall. Her entry gave me all kinds of insight into her childhood, the things she takes joy in, and most importantly a photo so I can introduce myself the next time we're in the same place! Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Kim's Living Out Loud II: Body Check As folks have talked to me about this challenge I've mentally noted to myself my favorite thing about them physically. I've always loved Kim's skin and her choice to adorn it in such beautiful detail makes me a bit jealous. I'm just not sure I have the guts for it myself. I also admit to growing my hair out lately with the hope that I'll get more hair brushings.

Megan's My Body. Not Wonderland. I read Megan's entry about her strong legs and nodded to myself in agreement. I got to her photos and started crying. She is beautiful in so many ways.

Karal's Forever on the Hips I've been commiserating with her as she struggles with medical mysteries that make her belly her enemy these days. But sometimes the smallest of things can mean so much and remind us how strong we are.

Rich's Momentos written across my skin I won't embarrass us all by listing all my favorite parts of his, but I do admit that his hands are up there in the top five. Chicks do indeed dig scars - this one does at least.

My own contribution is All of me, why not take all of me. So many things about my body I can't control, but I'm pretty sure I'll always be a million feet tall. The air really is nice up here.

This project continues to bring me much joy and I personally want to thank all of you for participating. It means the world to me! I'm already looking forward for the project due April 1 (great, April Fools Day).

For this project, I have chosen Megan as our prize winner. She has been waging a battle over her body for quite a while now and bared her soul online for us all. I've been wracking my brain for an appropriate prize and have decided that a good massage would pamper all those muscles that serve her so well. Megan will be receiving a gift certificate for a 30 minute massage at her local salon.

I encourage you all to read the entries above and comment. And if you have a suggestion or this month's project, I'm all ears!