Wake me up before you go

I'm writing this post on my iPhone in bed. I'm wearing my jammies and will most likely go to sleep as soon as I post this. It's barely 8:30pm. Monday I decided to try to limit my caffeine. It's a bit of an experiment since Rich has commented several times about how addicted to it he is. I'm that person who can drink an espresso and then go to bed, so I never thought I was really affected by it. But now I'm starting to wonder.

I have had a cup of chai tea on Monday and a glass of iced tea yesterday and today at lunch. Every other drink has been water. I have also gone to bed by 9pm every night this week.

The good news is after 10 hours of sleep I'm ready to go in the mornings. The bad news is I'm not getting shit done besides showing up to work and feeding myself. I haven't even washed any of my clothes. I may run out of clean underwear before this trial is over. I miss my husband because I hardly see him before I'm heading to bed. I feel for those who do shift work and feel like they're missing out on so many things.

My weekly journal that logs what I do every day has been pretty sparse this week, so there hasn't been much to write about. Here's hoping I make it over this hump and have more to talk about soon. Until then, I'm snuggling under the covers for the evening.